A Leading Engineering & Construction Company
The largest and the most capable construction enterprise in Taiwan
Ranked by ENR  amongst the top 200 international contractors
The major participant of all state-supported construction projects in Taiwan, including highways, reservoirs, and other infrastructure projects
First Taiwan construction firm to expand its business to the international market (began in the 1966’s)
With unparalleled capabilities in construction field , enjoying a good reputation both at home and abroad

Ret-Ser Engineering Agency (RSEA), under Executive Yuan Veterans Affairs Commission established in 1956, was restructured into RSEA ENGINEERING CORPORATION in July 1998 making a new milestone in the corporate endeavors.


For 50 years, the business of RSEA has been growing in tandem with the economic development of the Republic of China. From earlier projects such as the East-West Cross Highway, Tseng-Wen Reservoir, Twelve and Fourteen National Development Projects to the recent Six-Year National Development Plan, RSEA has undertaken important construction works. Every undertaken project has been completed on schedule and in accordance with the quality specified. RSEA is not only involved in critical domestic development projects, since 1966 it has also been undertaking challenging projects overseas in places as faraway as Liberia in Africa and Costa Rica in Central America. Moreover, we have also been expanding into investment and development in USA, Canada and Southeast Asia.


RSEA has a glorious history, with its excellent human resources, outstanding construction technology and equipment, rich construction experience, and sound management. It is not only the largest, strongest general contractor in Taiwan, but also one of the world top 100 renowned contractors.


RSEA completed various construction projects which changed the topography. Like the Chinese saying goes, umountain can be removed and sea be filled, man's will can win out over the nature.v Because of its brilliant performance, RSEA has created nearly three million job opportunities and nurtured numerous technical experts. Eight of our subsidiaries have recently received ISO certification, and the most outstanding award and excellent golden awards were won from the quality inspection of ROC Executive Yuan.

  RSEA’s motto for quality assurance is Reputation, Service, Efficiency and Action.  We will move toward privatization with a steady pace, treat construction as a core business and develop other related business concomitantly.