RSEA has undertaken 145 power plant projects and 424 hydraulic projects, the major projects including as follows:
Ta-lin Power Plant, Hsieh-Ho Thermal Power Plant, Shen-ao Power Plant, Civil works of Lin-kou Power Plant, No. l and No. 2 Nuclear Power Plants, Hsiag-ta Power Plant Reclaimed Land of Tung-hsiao Recycling Power Plant, Mu-kua-hsi Hydraulic Power Plant, Recycling water Channel of No.3 Nuclar Power Plant, Hsi-pan Hydraulic Power Plant, Taichung Power Plant, Ming-Hu Hydraulic Power Plant, Civil works of Green Island Power Plant, -channelization of Shih-wen-his at Ku Kuan, Ming-tan Hydraulic Power Plant, Ting-hu Super High Voltage Transformation Station, Southern Taiwan Power Plant, Hsin-tien-ren and Ma-an Power Plants, Pi-hai Hydraulic Power Plant, No. 4 Nuclear Power Plant Circulating Water Channel Hsi-pan Li-wu-hsi Dam, Main Channel of Shih-men Reservoir, White River Reservoir Channel, Tseng-wen Reservoir Water Leading System and Sand Barrier of Hsin-tien River, Pa-chih-men banking, Chih-tan Dam, Taipei Running Water Plant Expansion, Fei-Tsui Reservoir, Ta-Chih Banking, Jen-yi-tan Reservior, Taipei Yu-Cheng Water Pumping Station and Bank, Nan-Hua Reservior, Taichung Tali River Flood Control Project, Keelung River Development Project, Flood Control Pumping Station of Tainan Science and Technology Industry Park, Double Food Control Channel of Taipei Food Control Project, Yung-ho and Chung-ho Banks of Hsia-tien, Da-ham River, Kao-ping River Weir Porject, Don-yin seawater desalting plant
Pub Labrador 230KV Substation, Singapore; Bakaru Hydroelectric Power Project, Indonesia; Sungai Piah Hydroelectric Project, Malaysia; Serang Coal Generation Power Plant Project, and Mojokerto Co-Generation Power Plant Project, Indonesia Way Rarem Irrigation Project, Wonorejo Multipurpose Dam Construction Project, Jeneberang Raw Water Supply Project, Way Sekampung Irrigation Batutegi Dam Scheme, Indonesia; Riyadh Water Transmission System, Storm Water in Hasa, Saudi Arabia; Pressure Pipe Irrigation Network Middle Jordan Valley, Jordan; Rosetta Promontory Shore Protection Project, Baltim Shore Protection Project, Egypt
Tseng-wen Reservoir Project, Taiwan
  • Catchment Area : 481 Km*Km
  • Storage Capacity : 708,000,000 tons
  • Tunnel : 2,334 M by Diameter 12 M
  • Dam : Hight 133 M, Length 400 M
  • Lead Tunnel, Power Plan, Headrace Tunnel, Tail Water Tunnel
  • Contract Sum : US$150,000,000
  • Executing Period : Oct 1967 ~ Oct 1973
Taipei Fei-tsuei Reservoir, The largest concrete dam in Taiwan
  • Catchment Area : 303 Km*Km
  • Gross Initial Storage : 406,000,000 M*M*M
  • Main Dam :Crest Length 510 m , Height 122.5 m
  • Auxiliary Dam:Crest Length 242 m , Height 25 m
  • Cofferdam:Length 202.17 m , Height 29 m
  • High pressure steel pipe:262m long , 4.8m diameter
  • Spillway Tunnel :306m long , 10m diameter
  • Leadway Tunnel :460m long , 10m diameter
  • Plunge Pool, Still Water Pool, semi-underground power plant
  • Contract Sum : US$177,836,998
  • Executing Period : Nov 1980 ~ Dec 1986
Nan-Hua Reservior Project, Taiwan
  • Catchment Area : 140 Km*Km
  • Storage Capacity : 158,049,000 tons
  • Executing Period : Oct. 1989 ~ Sep. 1993
Ming-hu Pumping Storage Hydraulic Power Plant
  • The 1st Pumped Storage Hydro Power Station in Taiwan
  • 4 * 252 MW Unit ,with pumped tunnel 4000 M more
  • Contract Sum : US$187,322,499
  • Executing Period : Apr. 1982 ~ Otc. 1985
MingTan Pumped Storage Hydro Power Plan
  • The 1st NATM Tunnel in Taiwan
  • 6 * 270 MW Unit
  • Contract Sum : US$ 271,000,000
  • Executing Period : May 1988 ~ Dec. 1991
Hsing Da Power Plant Project
  • Wharf, Breakwater, Seawall, Water passway, Leading water tunnel, Power Plant
  • Contract Sum:US$129,960,620
  • Executing Period:Aug 1978~Dec 1985
Batutegi Irrigation Dam Scheme, Indonesia
  • Contract Sum : US$82,517,392
  • Executing Period : Jan. 1996 ~ Dec. 2000
Indonesian Bakaru Power Plant Project
  • Dam: 122 m×17 m
  • Headrace Tunnel: 5,909 m
  • Contract Sum:US$37,801,050
  • Executing Period:April 1987~May 1991
Malaysia Sungai Piah Power Plant Project
  • Underground Power Plant: 70m×15m×18 m
  • Headrace Tunnel: 7,348 m
  • High-Pressure Tunnel: 1,830 m
  • Tail Water Tunnel : 3,880 m
  • Contract Sum:US$44,974,511
  • Executing Period:Sep 1986~Dec 1991