RSEA has undertaken 1015 building projects, the major projects including as follows:
Grand Hotel Chi-Lin Pavilion, Li-Shan Guest House, Yang-Ming Shan Dr. SunYat-Sen Memorial Hall, Chung-Hsin Beer Brewery, National Printing Plant, Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospitals, Tu-Cheng Detention House of Taipei Local Court, Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, National Place Museum, Air Force General Hospital, Chih-Chiang Building, Foreign Trade Association Exhibition Hall, Taipei Railroad Station, Chung Cheng Cultural Center and the National Theater and Concert Hall, Chien-Tan and Ken-Ting Youth Activity Centers, Wu-Ku Industrial Park Unify Standard Factory Building, Chung-li Industrial Park Plant Employee Apartment, Chung Cheng University, Kaohsiung Science and Art Museum, Overseas Chinese Association Congregation Center, MRT Tan-Shui line, Fu-hsing-kong, Chung-yi, Kuan-Tu, Chu-wei and Hung-shu-lin Stations, Pan-chiao Railroad Station, Chiang Kai-Shek International Airport, Taipei 101 Tower, Shin Chong Gymnasium, Ping-tung Chong-wu Ta-wu Village, Acer No. 1 and No. 2 Construction Projects, National Defence College, Air Force Headquarters Building, Tainan Entertainment III Village, Chia-yi District Court Building, Taichung County Ho-ping New Village
U.S. Naval Family Housing Units and Church Design & Construction Projects, Guam; SNEP Onshore Facilities, BEQ Complex Construction Package 6A, KAMA, Building Complex for the Embassy of R.O.C. in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Construction of Al-Jub Gl Fertilizer Company (SAMAD) Housing Project, University of Petroleum & Mineral-Additional Faculty & Staff Housing Project, Technical Electronic Institute in Riyadh, Jedeah Islamic Port Control Tower Project, and Yanbu Cement Plant Extension New Technical Building, Saudi Arabia; Ngee Ann Polytechnic Extension, Design, Supply and Installation of Piled Foundation, Cofferdams and the Basement Reinforced Concrete Substructure Works for the Proposed Ministry of Environment Building at Scoffs Road, Polytechnic Third Phase Expansion, Pub Labrador 230KV Substation, and Building including Sanitary, Water and Gas installation, Singapore; Infrastructure Contract at the Arabian Gulf University, Main Campus, Sakhir, Bahrain; VCV Tower Building Project, Rojana Tower Office Building Project, Viphavadee Prestige Condominium Project, and Muang Keow Manee Condominium Project, Thailand; Central Hospital in Honiana; Solomon Islands ; Housing and Villa, National Assembly Hall Project, Guinea Bissau; Vaiaku Lagi Hotel Expension Project, Tuvalu; Kasuma Resort Block, Malaysia
The Taipei 101 Project
  • Podium part:7 above ground floors in steel structure, 5 underground floors in RC/SRC structure
  • Tower part:101 above ground floors in steel structure, 5 underground floors in RC/SRC structure
  • Base area:30,277 M*M
  • Floor area:15,138 M*M
  • Building height:508 m
  • Total floor area:374,220 M*M
  • Total steel amount:107,000 tons
  • Total reinforcing bar amount:25,548 tons
  • Total concrete amount:204,022 M*M*M
  • Total form amount:226,135 M*M
  • The area of curtain wall:116,000 M*M
  • Total excavated amount:540,000 M*M*M
  • Contract Sum:NT$5,348,627,227 (25% JV Amount for RSEA)
  • Executing Period:June 1999 ~May 2005
Project of The Administration Building of Taipei County
  • Height :140.5 m
  • Excavate depth: 20.05 m
  • Contract Sum:NT$1,945,018,473
  • Executing Period:Jan 1998 ~Nov 2000
The Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Project at Taipei
  • Construct in two phases. The first phase include main body of the Hall, gardens, pavilions, verandah, and other related sites, The second phase include the National Opera House, National Concert Hall, and an underground parking lot.
  • Executing Period:Dec 1978 ~March 1980 for the first phase, May 1984 ~Aug 1987 for the second phase.
Taipei Veterans General Hospital Project
  • 24 storys of medical buildings, 3 underground floors.
  • Height: 112 m .
  • Total floor area is 299,000 M*M, which is the largest amount at that time in Taiwan
  • Executing Period:March 1984 ~Sep 1990
Project of Hsinchuang Gymnasium at Taipei County
  • Project content:Underground parking, above ground gymnasium construction.
  • Underground parking lot:2 floors of underground RC/SRC structure
  • Gymnasium:29.55 m high RC/SRC structure.
  • Total floor area of gymnasium:18,260 M*M
  • Roof structure:steel truss.
  • Total seat amount: More than 7,000
  • Due to weak geology situation, the construction method adopts the island district type.
  • Contract Sum:NT$838,800,000
  • Executing Period:Sep 1999 ~April 2002
PM of Serang Mill Ikpp Paper Machine Building, Indonesia
  • Main factory building and other facility
  • Contract Sum : US$37,900,647
  • Executing Period : Aug. 1992 ~ Aug. 1995
Project of Bugis HDB Flat of Singapore
  • Project content: 46 buildings
  • Contract Sum:US$16,431,310
  • Executing Period:Aug 1989 ~Mar 1991
Project of Arabian Gulf University at Bahrain
  • Total floor area:1,440 M*M
  • Contract Sum:US$17,105,400
  • Executing Period:Sep 1984 ~July 1986